BMW’s New X2 Crossover Concept Is Something Special

bmw x2 concept

BMW is showing us what it envisions for the not too distant future with its new X2 crossover concept. The automaker unveiled it this week at the Paris Motor Show.

The idea isn’t a total surprise. It’s not the first time the automaker’s given the slicked back coupe-style to one of its models. The make-it-a-coupe trend began with the X6. Then the X4 joined rank. The X2 is a sportier X1.

The X2 is pretty jaw-dropping, however, because of some key differences to the rest of the X lineup. It’s wider than the X1 for one. The rear end has also been redesigned. Its red color really pops, too.

bmw x2 concept

bmw x2 concept

There are also some similarities of course. The X2’s front end makes you think of the company’s 2-Series coupes. It keeps the squinty headlights. BMW’s signature double kidney grille sticks around, too, but to make it stand out from the other models BMW flips over the kidney grille.

The actual coupe starts with the elongated sloping roof. The roof goes black. This highlights and dramatizes the coupe lines. It arches down to the rear. The coupe lines shrink the rear windows. Good for style, iffy for rear visibility.

The leaving view shows thick fenders and a fat bumper. Two exhaust stand out on either side. The hatch starts above the chunk bumper. It stays attached with matching long taillamps. 

bmw x2 concept

The rest of the outside stays sporty and aggressive. It gets chunky lines. Body sculpting details include matte grey sills and chrome surround windows and grilles. 

Since the concept is based on the X1, it will likely come as a front-wheel-drive. Under the hood should be the four-cylinder turbocharged engine. BMW might throw in a more powerful option, though.  

We expect the X2 to go into production and possibly arrive by 2018.

bmw x2 concept
Photo Credit: BMW
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