Buyers Say They Want Safety Features – Not Infotainment

Instead of infotainment, overwhelming majorities of drivers support using new technology in the car for safety features, a new survey finds.

Among those that are most popular are features like lane-changing and blind-spot warning systems and cars that automatically call 911 if they are involved in a crash, the survey by consulting firm Accenture finds. Another 83% want the car to stop itself before making an emergency call.

Three out of four among the 7,000 drivers surveyed say they would like cars that stop themselves before notifying 911 operators of a problem.

While most consumers continue to place great importance on automotive safety systems, there is also growing demand for automated driver-assistance and traffic-avoidance technologies, according to a new global study by Accenture.

The Accenture study reinforces “the fact that consumers are currently focused on IVI safety-driven technologies. However, it also shows that in the future, they would like their cars to be equipped with more communication- and information-related capabilities – creating the ‘connected vehicle’.”

Accenture estimates that most of the popular features would only add about $200 to the cost of a car.


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