Cadillac Drops ELR

It took longer than I thought it would, but I said on the air almost two years ago that this car was WAY overpriced and wouldn’t make it. It’s sad too, because it’s a great car. It is official; Cadillac is killing its electric car.

The slow-selling plug-in hybrid ELR will not live past its current generation, the automaker has confirmed. Automotive News reports that Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen said “I plan to continue admiring it as one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels…but we don’t plan further investment” in the coupe.

The ELR launched in 2014 on the same platform as the Chevrolet Volt. It can go 37 miles on a charge and then use its 4-cylinder engine to generate power for longer trips.

While the sleek two-door has garnered praise for its modern style and high-end interior finish, the performance provided by its 217-horse powertrain couldn’t keep up with them, especially at a Tesla Model S-rivaling price of $75,995.

Cadillac dropped that to $65,995 last year, but it didn’t help. Just 1,024 ELRs were sold in 2015, compared to 35,921 Escalade SUVs. The ELR I reviewed in January 2014 had an MSRP north of $82,000.

Cadillac hasn’t said exactly when it will end production of the ELR, but it won’t be the last electrified car to wear the badge. It plans to start importing a 335-horse plug-in hybrid version of its new CT6 flagship sedan later this year.

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