Cadillac Introduces Black Chrome ATS, CTS Trim Package

black chrome ats

When you’re in a sales slump, there is but one thing to do. And that’s spice things up a bit with some special packaging. At least, that is Cadillac’s course of action when it comes to the ATS and CTS. It’s introducing new Black Chrome trims for both sedans, along with the ATS coupe.

The Black Chrome package is just what it sounds like, which is a cosmetic upgrade. The ATS gets the full treatment, with black accents for the upper and lower grilles, the side-window moldings and the rear fascia. It also comes with darkened 18-inch wheels and body-colored door handles. It comes will all available interior choices.

black chrome

Cadillac ATS Black Chrome Trim

The CTS comes with darkened wheels and black chrome accents for the grille. You’ll get to choose between two interior combos and a performance seat and cluster package.

Pricing is $595 for the ATS coupe Black Chrome trim ($795 for then ATS Sedan). You can get yours in Black Raven paint for no charge. Tack on another $495 for Gray Metallic and $995 for Red or Crystal White.  Also note, the Black Chrome trim is only offered on the 2.0T and 3.6-liter sedans either in the Luxury or Performance Collection. Drivers can choose between two-wheel or four-wheel-drive.

The CTS trim will cost you a bit more, between $1095-$1295, depending on the vehicle. Black exterior paint is free and you’ll spring more for gray and white.

The Black Chrome Package further enhances the engaging performan

Cadillac ATS Black Chrome Trim

The Black Chrome Package, which is not offered on the CTS Vsport,  is available now to order at local Cadillac dealerships or through the Build Your Own tool on the website.

Photo Credit: Cadillac
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