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Cadillac Reveals First-Ever 2020 CT5 Sedan

Credit: Cadillac
If you thought Cadillac was thinking just SUVs these days, like the new three-row XT6, think again. A new sedan is on the way. It’s the first-ever CT5 sedan. While it will make its public debut in April at the New York Auto Show, Cadillac made the surprise announcement this week via social media.

2020 Cadillac CT5

The CT5 falls below the CT6. Built on an evolution of Cadillac’s award-winning Alpha architecture, the CT5 will have two engine options: a standard 2.0L Turbo and available 3.0L Twin-Turbo engine. Each is paired to a standard 10-speed automatic transmission. Both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive will be available. The CT5 comes in two trims, Sport and Luxury, just like the XT4 and XT6 crossovers. The Sport model being them more aggressive-looking of the two. Available features include a Bose sound system.

You can catch the CT5 YouTube reveal here:

Cadillac dubs the social media campaign its “Sensory Symphony” Series, designed to stimulate the senses using autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. It focuses on distinct sounds designed to trigger a physical response, often experienced as a spine-tingling sensation, such as the rev of the CT5’s available 3.0L Twin Turbo engine, audio from its Bose Performance Series speakers and the whisper of its custom black-and-white camouflage wrap slowly being peeled away to reveal the new sedan’s exterior.

“The Cadillac CT5 is meant to overwhelm all of the senses, and that’s why we’re using ASMR-style videos to showcase its features,” said Deborah Wahl, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “The ‘Sensory Symphony’ videos are designed to convey for viewers the same satisfying feeling that arises from driving this car.”

Cadillac collaborated with artist Darel Carey to create a one-of-a-kind camouflage wrap for the CT5. The black and white tape patterns reflect forms found in nature and distort the viewer’s perception of space, and the videos will leverage this effect to disguise the shape of the vehicle. In the videos the camouflage is slowly peeled back to trigger the ASMR sensation while revealing the first-ever CT5.

The brand will feature a new video each week leading up to the New York Auto Show, where the CT5 will make its public debut, culminating in a “Sensory Symphony” video of vehicle sounds on April 16.

“Sound leaves a lasting impression, and that’s why it is such a focus for this vehicle,” said Brandon Vivian, Cadillac executive chief engineer. “With standard sound optimization and active noise cancellation, our goal is to deliver a world-class cabin experience with a Cadillac-exclusive curated sound library.”

The CT5 will be built at GM’s Lansing Grand River facility, which received an investment of $211 million to build the next-generation Cadillac sedan.