Cadillac Rolls Out New Fuel Efficiency Tech For 2016

GM’s luxury brand is stepping up the luxury of saving money at the pump. This week, Cadillac is highlighting the new technology systems available in its 2016 lineup that help to help get you more fuel economy for your buck and lower emissions.

“While these new systems increase efficiency, a main focus in engineering at Cadillac is to integrate these systems smoothly with no compromise to the driving experience. Our new 8-speed transmission was developed internally for fast and smooth shifting in every situation with Cylinder Deactivation and Start/Stop are integrated in a more seamless manner than our competitors,” says David Leone, Cadillac executive chief engineer.

The fuel efficiency starts under the hood with Cadillac’s new six-cylinder engine that uses Active Fuel Management, which is a cylinder deactivation system that works by switching off two of the cylinders to allow the car to switch between six-cylinder and four-cylinder driving to maximize fuel economy and performance. The system is available with the 2016 ATS, CTS and Escalade models that are equipped with the new 3.6-liter engine. The V8 in the Escalade SUV and new CTS-V high-performance sedan will also be able to switch to four-cylinder driving.

The ATS and CTS lines will continue to offer the popular 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, Cadi says that even models will be seeing an improvement in fuel economy thanks to the new Automatic Start/Stop technology. The new system uses a voltage stabilization system that is powered by ultracapacitors for smooth and quick engine restarts.  

Finally, the last touch for fuel economy is found in the addition of offering the new eight-speed transmission in 2016 ATS and CTS models.

Cadillac claims that that all this new technology adds up to a six percent reduction in C02 output on ATS and CTS models. The automaker also claims that its new CT6 sedan equipped with a new Twin Turbo-powered engine is the only six-cylinder model in the world to use turbocharge with cylinder deactivation and Start/Stop technology.

The new 2016 CTS-V sedan is the most high-performance sedan in Cadillac history. The high-performance is seen in its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that cranks out 640-horses with 630 lb-ft torque. It goes from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and has a top racetrack speed of 200 mph. It is paired with the new 8-speed automatic transmission and also uses the new Active Fuel Management technology. It is available now with a starting price of $83,995.

Photo Credit: Cadillac
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