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The Ford Explorer is in the CHiPs.
The California Highway Patrol, one of the more visible law enforcement agencies in the country and one that was featured on the old CHiPs TV show, plans to buy the Police Interceptor version of the Ford Explorer as its mainstay patrol vehicle, the Los Angeles Times reports.
All police agencies have been scrambling to find an adequate replacement for the Ford Crown Victoria, the mainstay of most fleets that went out of production last year. The leading replacements are the police versions of the Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Caprice and the Dodge Charger.
Ford has been offering an SUV as an alternative to the sedans, which usually means a big, capable vehicle for patrolling in snowy or remote areas, not as a mainstay highway cruiser. The Times quotes CHP Assistant Chief Erik Knudsen as saying that the “utility is probably going to be our primary vehicle.”
We’re surprised. SUVs have a higher center of gravity that could be a detriment in high-speed pursuits or tight cornering. Knudsen says the Explorer can carry more payload than the sedans and still maneuvers well.
It’s not a sure bet yet. The Explorer still has to past a bunch of tests, but if it comes through, they could start showing up in the highways of the Golden State by October as 4,000 Crown Vics are gradually replaced.


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