California Could Mandate New Homes Be EV Friendly

Cali EV HomesCalifornians are known as early adopters of technology, especially if it’s green. They have put more electric and hybrid vehicles on their roads than any other state in the nation. Soon, newly built homes in California may better accommodate these vehicles.

California is considering changing building codes statewide so that new structures come pre-wired to handle charging electric vehicles. Building code changes in California would require the updated wiring for not only single family homes, but for parking lots as well, allowing apartment and condo dwellers to go gasless, according to Treehugger.

Palo Alto, California already requires new homes to be built with the capacity to handle the 240v/40 amps required to recharge an electric car relatively rapidly. Upgrading an already existing house can be quite expensive, but simply adding the new infrastructure to new buildings only costs an estimated $50 to $200.

While the upgrade won’t charge your EV as fast as a Supercharger, which adds three hours of driving to a pack in just over 20 minutes, it will be enough to completely charge a car overnight as it sits in a garage. This new building code could start to take effect as soon as 2015.

California’s future is looking green with several recent pieces of electric-vehicle legislation. Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed Assembly Bill 8 – the pro-electric-vehicle, pro-hydrogen-refueling-station bill – into law last year, according to Autoblog. That means the state of California will now spend more than $2 billion to extend plug-in vehicle credits and on building a network of up to 100 H2 stations over the next decade.


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