Camaro Edges Out Mustang for 2012 – Car Pro News

camaro vs mustangAs we look over the winners and losers of last year’s auto sales, one rivalry always stands out: Chevrolet Camaro vs. Ford Mustang.
For another year, Camaro beat Mustang when it came to sales, but this year, it was close — too close for comfort, if you’re a General Motors executive.
Chevy sold 84,391 Camaros last year, only 1,396 more than Mustang. Last year, the gap was more than 17,000 between the two archrivals.
What happened? Ford added a new engine last year to Mustang that made them, basically, the hottest thing on the street, plus it put other little touches — features in the car like spotlights under the doors.
Camaro pretty much remained the same.
Ford increased sales of Mustang last year by 17.8% while Chevrolet saw an erosion in Camaro’s sales by 4.4%.


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