Can We Afford A Bugatti Chiron? No, But We Can Dream

bugatti chiron

Who doesn’t love some gorgeous eye candy  – or as we like to call it – car candy. We’re getting an eyeful of it with the first exclusive Bugatti Chirons.   

Bugatti unveiled the exclusive hypercars last summer. Not that the Chiron needs much fanfare. It does that on its own with its incredible lines and 1,500-horsepower. Yes. One thousand five hundred horses.  Its top speed? 260 mph.

The first three of the promised 500 rolled out of Bugatti’s Molsheim, France operation this week headed to Europe and the Middle East.  Building one of these babes doesn’t happen overnight. Bugatti says it takes about nine months from start to finish after an owner places an order.

bugatti chiron

Each customized for their owner, the first three feature different colors. One shows off the Argent/Nocturne palette, a combo of a stunning metallic silver on the bottom front half and a black roof and rear. Next comes one with a base in French Racing Blue and the roof in Atlantic Blue. The last one is a solid Turquoise Carbon.

The solid one is definitely a stunner. But really. If you’re going to drop over $2.5 million might as well do eye-popping two-tone that highlights the models side air intakes and crazy looping lines.

The models originally were set to arrive last fall. So the dream automaker is a little behind on delivery. But hey, you can’t rush perfection.

Bugatti plans to deliver 70 more Chirons this year, a dozen of them this month.  As of December, Bugatti reported about half of the allotted 500 models were still available. If you have $2.61 million, you, too, could get one of these stunners. Yeah. Us neither.

 Photo Credit: Bugatti
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