Car Buying Tips for the Last Week of the Year

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It is the last week of the year and as I’ve told you many times, the best time of the year to get a new set of wheels.  The only problem is I’ve told thousands of people the same thing on the air, and some folks are already trained that this is the best time.

It takes a little extra patience this time of year, the dealers will be busy.  I always encourage listeners to go through the Certified Dealers on our website and email them in advance.  However, this time of year, that needs to be altered a little.  Send the email through our site, print out your VIP Certificate, then head to the dealership.  If you can’t print the certificate for any reason, just jot down the name of our contact and take it with you.

Don’t sit around and wait for a return email or phone call, it may not come until late in the day.

Remember the #1 rule in retail:  Customers who are in the house take priority.

Dealers are good at shuffling multiple customers at once, so patience is important.  It is likely going to take more time to get the car prepped, washed, and filled.  There could be a wait to get the paperwork signed.  These are areas your patience is important.

Take a minute and read the article I wrote on speeding up the purchase process, this is the perfect time to use these tips.    Click Here For Car Buying Tips

This is not the most convenient time of year to buy, but it is certainly the best time to get yourself a great deal.

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