Car Pro Promise


People do business with people they know and trust. Most of us have a strong distaste for the car buying process. Not everyone has the benefit of a personal connection with a dealership, but those who do have greater confidence in the car buying process.

As a CAR PRO Referred Buyer, you too can have confidence as if the dealer was a close friend when walking into one of our CAR PRO Certified Dealerships. We call this The CAR PRO VIP Experience.


The CAR PRO Promise is the commitment we make to you that outlines what to expect when doing business with a CAR PRO Certified Dealer. These eight tenets are the key to maintaining the integrity of CAR PRO. We protect this promise vigorously by holding each CAR PRO Certified Dealer accountable to ensure they are providing the CAR PRO VIP Experience.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: Customers are treated like friends with respect and priority focused on long-term relationship versus individual transactions.

UPFRONT COMMUNICATION: No surprises! Customers receive honesty and transparency throughout the showroom and in all advertising.

DEPENDABLE FOLLOW-THROUGH: Dealers keep their word and deliver on what they say.

FAIR PRICING: Customers receive honest talk about a fair price that reduces time and frustrating negotiations.

EXTRA-MILE SERVICE: Customers receive exceptional service beyond their expectations.

SIMPLIFIED PROCESS: Customers work with decisions-makers making the process easier.

PREDICTABILITY: Customers can expect to receive the same outstanding car buying experience at any CAR PRO Certified Dealer in the country.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Customers can be confident that all CAR PRO Certified Dealers participate in ongoing training and evaluation to ensure that the CAR PRO Promise is upheld. If a customer does not have an outstanding experience CAR PRO will hear about it.

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