Ford F-150 Diesel, Choosing a Muscle Car, Making It To 200K Miles: 1-13-18 Hour 2

Ford F-150 Diesel

In this hour of the nationally syndicated Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss the new Ford F-150 diesel, the new 2019 Ford Ranger, the top-selling SUVs in America in 2017 and more:

  • First-Ever Ford F-150 Diesel: Listen in for details about the new Ford F-150 Power Stroke, its towing capacity, and targeted fuel mileage.
  • GMC, Toyota or Lexus SUV: A listener struggling with an SUV decision asks Jerry for his choice between a used GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia and Lexus LX 570. Find out which one Jerry would pick of the three.
  • 2019 Ford Ranger: Breaking news on the 2019 Ford Ranger front. It’s embargoed for now so stay tuned and look for all the details in next week’s newsletter.
  • A Ford Taurus Redesign? Jerry talks about the resale value of the Ford Taurus when a caller asks about any potential redesign.
  • What’s up with the Toyota Prius V? A caller considers a Toyota model that won’t be around after the 2018 model year. Find out what Jerry’s heard about the V and whether he thinks it’s a good buy.
  • Muscle Car Mania: A New Hampshire caller is considering the Mustang GT, Challenger SRT8, and Camaro SS. Find out which muscle car would be Jerry’s choice and why.
  • Audi Q5, Lexus RX 350 or Range Rover Sport? A high-mileage caller wrestles with which SUV to buy between an Audi Q5, Lexus RX 350 or Range Rover Sport. Listen in to find out what Jerry would do.

The Car Pro Show 1-13-18 Hour 2

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Photo Credit: Ford


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