Deciding Whether to Fix or Replace Your Totaled Vehicle: 1-13-18 Hour 3

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In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss Toyota and Amazon Alexa and 2017 best-sellers. Plus, Jerry’s word of warning to one caller deciding whether to fix or replace his totaled truck and more.

  • Carsick Driver: A listener is looking for a car for his college-aged daughter who gets carsick easily. In these situations, find out what Jerry suggests to do before buying.
  • Fix it or Replace A Totaled Vehicle?  Deciding what to do after your car is wrecked isn’t always easy. One listener needs some advice about his Toyota Tacoma, T-boned in an accident. Should he take the insurance money and use it to fix it or replace it?  Listen in for Jerry’s answer and for more on dealing with an insurance adjuster click here.
  • Half-Ton Pickup Engines: Jerry talks cylinders with a caller looking for a half-ton pickup that’s a daily driver.  
  • Sell or Keep High-Mileage Car?  Should a high-mileage driver get rid of his beloved 2015 Toyota RAV4 before it hits 90K miles? Jerry’s take on whether he should trade it in or sell it now or just hang on to it.
  • My Car Won’t Fit in My New Garage:  This isn’t a problem anyone wants to have. A Jeep Liberty driver moves and discovers her Jeep won’t fit in her new garage. Find out what vehicles Jerry recommends.
  • Diesel Trucks, Rear Axle Ratios and Fuel Economy:  What Jerry tells a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel 4X4 owner who isn’t happy with the truck’s fuel economy.

The Car Pro Show 1-13-18 Hour 3

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