Being “Upside Down”, the Toyota Avalon, and Audi S5: 1-20-18 Hour 3

2019 Toyota Avalon

In this hour of the Car Pro Show,  caller questions include:

  • Cramped Driver’s Seat: A caller feels cramped in his Chevrolet Silverado. What are his options?
  • Toyota Avalon Replacement: A caller considers a long list of vehicles when it comes to replacing his 2012 Toyota Avalon. He needs a vehicle his wife can get in and of easily.  Jerry’s take on the caller’s current considerations plus he makes a new suggestion.
  • 4X4 Off-Roader: Jerry suggests an off-roading choice for a Toyota FJ Cruiser and Ford Bronco lover who’s not a Jeep fan.
  • 2017 Dodge Journey All-Wheel Drive: A caller with a Journey all-wheel-drive isn’t happy with the SUV’s traction. Get Jerry’s take on Dodge’s four-wheel drive systems, compared to other manufacturers.
  • 1996 BMW Z3:  A caller left her well-kept 1996 BMW Z3 in the driveway over the summer in Michigan. During a rainstorm water leaked into the car and the trunk.  Find out why Jerry thinks that happened and what the solution could be.
  • 2011 Nissan Versa Won’t Reverse: Jerry’s opinion on the 2011 Nissan Versa transmission and whether a caller should get it fixed.
  • Owing More Than Vehicle’s True Value: A caller upside down on his 2013 BMW 335i  is looking to buy or lease another vehicle.  Listen in for Jerry’s advice on the best way to go.

The Car Pro Show 1-20-18 Hour 3

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