Diminished Value, Extended Warranties and Used Cars: 1-6-18 Hour 1

Diiminished Value

In this hour of the Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds tackles these topics:

Diminished Value Claims: Jerry talks with several callers about the dirty little secret your insurance company doesn’t want you to know about. Jerry says he’s seen hundreds of his listeners collect diminished value after finding out about it. For even more on diminished value visit the Radio FAQ page.

Dirt Cheap Extended Warranties: Are extended values worth the money and where should you buy yours from? Plus, why do some dealerships offer dirt cheap warranties online? Listen in for all the answers.

Kia Soul: Why Jerry thinks the Kia Soul is a great replacement for one caller’s 2005 PT Cruiser.

Current Used Car Glut:  Why there are so many used cars this January and February, what that means for used car pricing, and why timing is important.  

DTS Cadillac VS Toyota Avalon VS Lincoln MKS: Jerry talks to a former DTS Cadillac owner who’s unhappy with the ride of his recently purchased Toyota Avalon.  Should the caller stick with the Avalon or try something else?

Plus find out what review car Jerry will be reviewing later this month, hint, it’s a Buick.

The Car Pro Show 1-6-18 Hour 1

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  1. Charles E 7 months ago

    I was looking for info on extended warranties and all I got was “listen in for all the answers” Not very helpful.

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