Thursday 17 August 2017
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The Car Pro Show 11-15-14 Hour 3

The Car Pro Show 11-15-14  Hour 3

2 thoughts on “The Car Pro Show 11-15-14 Hour 3

  1. Robert Hoesly

    You told me before to work with my dealrer on 2015 chrysler 9 speed problems.well after 9000 miles 5 reflashs/software up dates it is not sergio says its keeping him awake driving him crazy.until some one. Comes up with a soft ware that works its a piece of have to understand I live in wi. We have some hills& 55 speed limit my main driving .just raised interstate to 70 now9 gear only is useble over 70 onalevel road no wind.what next bite the bullet .since dealersnow sellnew 6000 discount it is suiside. Thanks

    1. Michele Sanders

      Robert, the only thing I know to tell you is to continue to work with the dealer and Chrysler, I am sure they will come up with a fix that will be satisfactory. I wish there were a magic solution I could offer you. These type issues arise with all manufacturers.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network


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