MSRP, Auto Loan Interest Rates, Luxury SUVs: 2-24-18 Hour 1

Jerry Ford Mustang 2015 Car Pro Show

In this hour of Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds talks about how dealers price MSRPs so they can offer more rebates, premium vs regular fuel, and how much most captive lenders cap dealer markups on auto loan interest rates. Plus, listen in for caller questions about SUV and pickup buys:

  • Toyota 4Runner:  Jerry’s thoughts on the Toyota 4Runner and whether it holds its value well.
  • Is my uncle’s used Sierra Pickup a good deal? Should a caller from the northeast buy his uncle’s used GMC Sierra for $6,000?  After hearing what kind of engine is under the hood and mileage numbers, for Jerry, the answer is clear.
  • Money Matters: Jerry sheds light on loans and where most captive lenders (Ford Motor Company, Honda Financial, Toyota Financial) cap the dealer’s markup on interest rates. Jerry also mentions a possible source of refinancing.
  • Luxury SUV Options: A listener asks for Jerry’s opinion about the Mercedes-Benz GLE, Infiniti QX60, Cadillac XT5, and Acura MDX. His feedback, which overall interior he likes best and which vehicle infotainment system he finds cumbersome. After discussing buying or leasing options, you’ll get his best pick of the bunch.

Car Pro Show 2-12-18 Hour 1

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