Luxury SUV Options On a $400/Month Budget: 2-23-18 Hour 2

Lincoln Luxury SUV

In this hour of Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy talk about slow February car sales and what they mean for car buyers, plus the growing trend of subscription car services and luxury SUV options on a $400 monthly budget. Other caller questions include:

  • Does My Turbo Need Premium Fuel?  A caller who owns a 2017 Lexus IS 200t (turbo engine) asks Jerry whether he should be using Premium Unleaded Fuel only or whether regular is okay.
  • A Luxury SUV for a Non-Luxury Budget:  Can a caller find a luxury SUV for a payment of $400 a month? Jerry gives him some potential options in terms of aggressive leasing deals. On a side note, Jerry explains why considering mileage is so important when signing a lease.
  • Honda Pilot Upgrade: A 2008 Honda Pilot owner is looking to upgrade to a used 2015 model. Jerry’s take on the asking price.
  • Snow Bound: One caller experiences an unpleasant surprise when she tries to put chains on or buy a snow plow for her 2012 Honda Ridgeline. What are her options?

  • Expanded Family: Recommended SUV options for an expanding family include large and midsize GM models.

  • BMW X3 Dilemma:  How much should a buyer pay for a 2013 BMW X3 with 78,000 miles? And should the buyer roll the dice and consider a model that old with that many miles?  Jerry’s gives the caller his take on the situation.

Car Pro Show 2-23-18 Hour 2

Photo Credit: Lincoln


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