All-New Toyota Avalon, Full-Size Truck and Small Crossover Picks: 2-24-18 Hour 3

2019 Toyota Avalon

In this hour of Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss the recent sudden exit of Raj Nair as President of Ford North America and his successor, Lincoln chief Kumar Galhotra.  

They also chat about Jerry’s experience with a Dateline NBC car sales investigation back in his retail days as part of his special series True Stories from a Former Car Dealer. Plus, they take caller questions about the new Toyota Avalon and much more:

  • Audi Q7: Jerry’s take on Audi’s large SUV and the best time to buy a used model.
  • Full-Size Truck Recommendation:  A 2002 Toyota Tacoma owner is looking for a full-size new truck with all the bells and whistles. Should he go with a larger Toyota Tundra or another brand? Hear Jerry’s picks for the truck with the most beautiful interior along with his pick for most enjoyable truck overall. Plus, thoughts on the new redesigned 2019 Ram.
  • Toyota Corolla iM vs Kia Sportage: A family with a new teen driver is looking to add a car to their garage. These two are on their shortlist in the $24K price range. From the safety and money standpoint, Jerry points him in the direction of the best pick.
  • Extended Warranties: Jerry advises a caller trying to decide between a factory warranty versus a dealer’s third-party warranty.
  • Hard to Find Truck:  A California couple moving to Colorado is looking for a long-bed, short-cab truck similar to a 1995 Tacoma. Jerry’s suggests one that may need to be special ordered.
  • Best Model Years for A Used Chevy Tahoe: A caller looking for a used two to three-year-old Chevy Tahoe wonders which model years to steer clear of.  Jerry tells him what model year to keep in mind.
  • 2019 Toyota Avalon: Thoughts on the new redesigned Toyota Avalon, which is built on Toyota’s new architecture, and why Jerry thinks it could be a hit.
  • Compact Crossover Pick:  A caller is on the hunt for a reliable small crossover out of the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4. Get Jerry’s pick of the bunch.

Car Pro Show 2-23-18 Hour 3


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