2018 Chevy Traverse, Toyota Tacoma and Car Buying with Fair Credit: 2-3-18 Hour 1

2018 Chevy Traverse

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, Jerry Reynolds and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy talk about HD Radio and Jerry’s popular True Stories from a Former Car Dealer series. Also, Jerry’s thoughts about the 2018 Chevy Traverse and what he is saying about the Ford Expedition for the first time ever.  Plus:

  • Fair Credit Car Buying Advice: Jerry’s recommendation for a car shopper with a credit rating of less than 650. He shares the credit rating number usually used to differentiate between regular and special financing tiers. Plus, why he suggests looking for new cars with zero-percent financing deals in this situation, even if you don’t end of qualifying for it.
  • 7- 8-Passenger SUV Options: A caller asks for Jerry’s take on the all-new 2018 Chevy Traverse, VW Atlas, Audi Q7, and Honda Pilot among others. Listen in for Jerry’s top two picks and why.
  • Trade-in or Pay It Off? Should a caller who is looking to get into an SUV trade-in or pay off his 2017 Silverado Texas Edition? Plus, Jerry walks through the caller’s list of SUV options.
  • Texas Trade-In Tax Credit:  What Texas drivers should know about the trade-in tax break offered on what you buy.
  • Land Rover Longevity:  A long-time Land Rover fan himself, Jerry explains why they may not be the best option for drivers who plan to keep their car a long time.
  • Mini Cooper:  Jerry’s gives one caller his take on the MINI Cooper Countryman. You can check out his recent review here. 
  • Toyota Tacoma: Jerry tackles one caller’s concern about the reliability of the Toyota Tacoma. Plus, throws out another pickup option to consider.

Car Pro Show 2-3-18 Hour 1

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Photo Credit: Chevrolet (Pictured: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Red Line Edition)


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