The Car Pro Show 3-3-18 Hour 3

lincoln continental

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and sidekick Kevin McCarthy chat about Jerry’s days a former high-profile Ford dealer and this week’s newsletter article about internet bait and switch tactics. They also take caller questions about:

  • Mitsubishi: What Jerry thinks of Mitsubishi vehicles in terms of quality, reputation and resale value and what he thinks are better choices.
  • Downsizing from a GMC Sierra: Jerry gives a caller some options when it comes to downsizing from his current Sierra. One option, in particular, holds its value really well, although you pay a little more upfront.
  • Volvos:  A 70-something listener is looking to replace her totaled 2004 Volvo S80. Should she go with the Volvo S90 or do something else? Listen in as Jerry runs through some options and explains why she should also consider an SUV.

Car Pro Show 3-3-18 Hour 3


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