Car Pro Show Celebrates 16th Anniversary On WBAP

We celebrate a milestone this Saturday on the Car Pro Show.  This marks our 16th straight year of broadcasting on our home station in DFW, News/Talk 820 WBAP.

We’ve actually been on the air 16 ½ years total, but our first six months we were testing the waters on a small, fairly terrible radio station.  We knew if people would call us on that station, we’d be ready for big time.

Congratulations to the entire Car Pro Show staff, especially my trusty sidekick Kevin McCarthy for 16 years and many thanks to the staff at WBAP, who has supported us since day one.  Thanks to our amazing dealer partners for backing up everything I say on air, taking care of listeners, and selling cars much cheaper than you’d like to.

Most of all, I thank you, our listening audience.  Without you, there is no Car Pro Show.  I’d have never believed 16 years ago that we would be on the air from coast-to-coast.  We fought tough odds-most laughed and said “that Texan will never make it in Los Angeles”.  That was 8 years ago.

Thanks to everyone for making the Car Pro Show the most listened to auto advice show in the country.


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