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Our History & Team

What do you get when you cross a radio veteran with a car dealer? CarProUSA.com!

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Our History

When Tom Haynes and Jerry Reynolds decided to team up, they made radio history and haven't looked back. As a successful auto dealer, Jerry is passionate about helping consumers get a great experience. He brings his years in the industry with his love of all things cars to the radio show.

Tom brings over two decades of experience putting great programming on radio stations. He is a virtual who's who in radio. Together, Tom, Jerry and the rest of the CarProUSA team are on a mission to provide expert information to consumers. And while we might not always succeed, we do try to have fun and entertain our audience.

Our Team

At CarProUSA we bring together on-air radio talent, experienced journalists and top operations talent to bring you the latest news on-air and online each week. And, like any successful company, we have great businesspeople who work with our dealers, radio stations and sponsors. Each team member brings her or his own special sauce. Read on to learn more about our terrific team.

Jerry Reynolds

From police officer to top-selling Ford dealer to on-air car expert, Jerry helms our weekly radio show. Since selling his dealerships in 2006, Jerry has pursued his top three passions: helping consumers have a great car buying experience, supporting the military and first responders, being a loyal servant to his dog! While Jerry admits to hitting the pedal to the metal on test drives, it's all the service of finding out just how fast he can go from 0 to 60.

Kevin McCarthy

An on-air radio/tv personality and car enthusiast since his teens, Kevin is a charter inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and long-time Dallas Mavericks public address announcer. And he's one grateful man. He actually owns his dream car -- a 2019 Jaguar F-Type. If he wasn't talking about cars with Jerry, he says he'd probably be doing a radio show in Cabo San Lucas. For his ultimate vacation, he says he'd settle for an over-the-water bungalow in Tahiti.

Amy Plemons

An Emmy nominated tv producer, Amy enjoys reviewing and writing about cars almost as much as driving them. At CarProUSA, Amy brings her production and photography skills to auto journalism, creating new content each week. In addition to supporting our on-air duo, Amy often serves as our on-the-ground reporter from auto shows. If she could have any superpower, she would like to be able to detect speed traps because as she says, "life is better in sport mode."

Laura Reynolds

A radio news journalist veteran, Laura interviews top auto industry execs for our Auto News features. While she loves the car industry, if Laura won the lottery, she just might leave it all behind to pursue her other passion, cooking. Two of her signature dishes are roast chicken and lasagna - yum! An optimist, Laura loves to make people laugh. If she could have any car, it would be a Mustang. Well, actually 5 - she'd like one from each decade.

Terry Box

Veteran newspaper automotive journalist and car nut, Terry is one of our top-notch auto reviewers. While his dream reviewing assignment would be covering speed week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, he'd prefer driving the cars. In fact, his favorite quote is "keep your foot down and drive through it." So it should come as no surprise that his dream car is a GT350 Mustang or maybe the new Bullitt.

Michael Garfield

Long time radio host, Michael is also an adventure seeker. He's jumped out of planes, floated in zero gravity and even run marathons. If he weren't reviewing cars for CarProUSA, he'd opt for a cruise around the Greek isles. At home, you can find him watching his beloved Dallas Cowboys while munching on his signature dish, turkey tacos. And while he especially likes demoing cars and trucks, he'd most like to own a Corvette Stingray.

Tom Haynes

Our resident rock and roller, Tom is also a fitness fanatic. In fact, he dreams of one day trekking the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas. Though a long-time resident of Houston, he remains a loyal Steelers fan, cheering on the black and gold. Mr. Positive, Tom's favorite quote is "Never Give In" - Winston Churchill. Despite his love of working out, if he could fly well, Tom thinks that would be fantastic!

Ken Grupe

After a long and successful career in healthcare, Ken traded the operating room for the automotive world which is fitting since he lives in Detroit. At CarProUSA, Ken serves as our hub, keeping everyone focused on building a great team. Whether it's skiing in the Winter or powerboating in the Summer, Ken loves vacationing with his three grown kids. One of his claims to fame is that he got to initiate Malcomb Forbes into his fraternity in college.

Michael Frazer

An Edward R. Murrow Award winning radio news director, talk show host and former military radio & T.V. news anchor, Michael's broadcasting and automotive career combine at CarProUSA. Michael spent 8 years with Cox Automotive as a National Dealer Educator, Sales & Strategy manager. As a managing partner at one of the highest volume used car dealer groups in North America, Michael designed and implemented a unique consumer-focused approach to digital and traditional automotive advertising, sales and customer transparency. A Gulf War era U.S. Air Force veteran, Michael passionately supports wounded and under-employed U.S. military veterans. When he's not uncovering new and used car steals and deals or test driving the latest automotive retailing technology, Michael enjoys casting a fly toward an unsuspecting redfish.

Our Promise

At CarProUSA we strive to give you unbiased guidance in a straightforward manner. And while buying a car is a big decision, we try not take ourselves too seriously and to engage with our readers and listeners in an entertaining way.

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