CES: Faraday Future Rolls Out New Concept Supercar

Faraday Future

You have to hand it to Faraday Future. It’s not holding back in the crazy styling or horsepower department. The secretive Tesla competitor debuted its 1000 hp electric autonomous concept car at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Will this crazy looking car ever make it into production? Well, that’s unlikely. But it shows off just what an automaker headed up by ex-Tesla and BMW employees could turn out in the future.

FF dubs its FFZERO1 the “car of concepts” and its a supercar designed for the track. It goes over 200 mph and does zero to 60 in less than three seconds. The sportster gets a solo-seat cockpit and a steering wheel with a smartphone mount smack in the middle. The roof is a dome window that creates easy viewing of the interior. It uses a lot of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials in a design that scream ‘concept supercar.’

A high-performance racing suspension gives it sporty handling, vehicle dynamic control, and torque vectoring. An aero tunnel design reduces both drag and battery cooling time. Power comes from four centrally located Quad Core Motors.

What actually what makes the car so interesting is the platform. The base uses FF’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA).  It uses “strings” so that it is length adjustable. This allows it to carry different designs, a variety of battery configurations, and up to four motors.

“What we’ve announced illustrates the strength of our team, vision, partnerships, and speed. We’re a forward-thinking company focused on the future of mobility, but we also share a passion for driving and performance. On our platform, electric vehicles will not only deliver on sustainability but will be seamlessly connected and exhilarating to drive,” says Nick Sampson, SVP, R&D and Product Development, FF.

FF has only been around since May of 2014 and employees about 500 people. The automaker’s been successful in the recruiting department thanks to the ex-Tesla team at the helm.  The lead designer of the i8 and i3 concepts is also on board.

FF plans to build a $1 billion factory in Nevada. If all goes as planned, its first cars will hit the road by 2020. 

Photo Credit: Faraday Future


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