CES: VW Reveals BUDD-e Microbus, e-Golf Touch

vw microbus BUDD-e

Volkswagen isn’t shying away from the spotlight even in wake of its recent diesel emissions scandal.

The automaker took the stage at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week where it showed off a e-Golf Touch with its latest infotainment system along with BUDD-e, an electric microbus.

VW BUDD-e Microbus Concept

Volkswagen’s BUDD-e isn’t likely to see production, but VW says it demonstrates what electric mobility could be like by the year 2019.

BUDD-e is VW’s first vehicle based on the all-new Modular Electric Platform designed for plug-in vehicles. If it were to actually hit the road, it would do so with a range of up to 373 miles. It would take a quick 15 minutes to get an 80 percent battery charge.


BUDD-e is indeed VW’s look into the future of vehicles, one without buttons or switches of any kind. Inside, it uses gesture and touch screen controls instead. It also offers next-generation infotainment technologies, which include individual displays that blend into large infotainment panels, and uses digital screens instead of analog mirrors.  

BUDD-e can also communicate with your Smart Home or office.

VW e-Golf Touch

VW says the e-Golf Touch features technologies that are actually close to mass production.

We’re talking a next-generation infotainment system with a 9.2-inch display along with more advanced voice and gesture control capabilities. One new feature is “Keyword Activation.” It makes it possible for drivers to start voice recognition by saying “Hello Volkswagen”, or something similar, to the system.

e-Golf Touch VW

In the back of the e-Golf Touch, there are wireless chargers in the armrests. A USB type C port allows you charge devices faster and increases data transfer speed as well.  If anyone in the car has a hearing issue, the electronic voice amplification feature will come in handy.

Volkswagen also announced Personalization 2.0. This is about being able to store all your personal settings in the VW cloud, known as Car-Net ID.

Photo Credit: VW
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