Check Out The GazeBox Portable Garage

There’s currently a micro-housing trend happening in the US, with people radically downsizing from suburban life and moving into tiny homes that occupy just a few hundred square feet. With that in mind, think of the GazeBox as micro-garaging. This weird product of Italy makes it look like a giant, transparent snail is digesting your car, but the segmented panels provide weather production in a compact footprint.

Obviously, parking in what looks like the world’s fanciest terrarium is going to raise some questions for many owners, but the company is keeping such problems in mind. To tackle the issue of airflow, slits between the sections allow for circulation, and the see-through sides of each panel are UV coated. The framework itself is iron, the clear sections are polycarbonate, and an aluminum finish on part of the roof should be somewhat reflective. Offered in a variety of sizes, buyers can choose from lengths between 18.5 feet and 23.3 feet to protect their vehicle from everything but prying eyes.

If the odd shape isn’t enough, the company has optional features to truly confuse the neighbors. An LED lighting system comes with a remote control to alter the color at the press of a button.

Rather than being translucent, buyers can order also carbon, wood, aluminum, and stone-effect finishes for the side panels. There’s even a kit to make the GazeBox open automatically, and opting for solar cells in the roof can provide power.

You can watch it in action here:

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