Check Out The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Concept

I.D. Buzz Concept

Many of you have asked if the VW bus was coming back.  As we now know from the Detroit Auto Show, it could be one step closer to reality.

Volkswagen’s new I.D. Buzz concept is a self-driving, battery-powered minivan with a style that reminds me of the Type 2 “Microbus” of the 1950s and 1960s.  The very green machine can go 270 miles on a full charge and also sprint to 60-mph in just 5 seconds, thanks to the combined 369-horsepower of its front and rear electric motors.

vw I.d. buzz concept

When its autonomous I.D. Pilot mode is engaged, a rectangular, spoke-less steering wheel tucks away into the dashboard as small disc-shaped laser scanners rise up from the four corners of the roof. This LIDAR system works along with cameras, ultrasonic sensors and cloud-connected navigation to take full control of the vehicle.

The three-row interior allows for both front captain’s chairs to be turned toward the rear of the vehicle when it’s doing the driving to create a lounge space, complete with a center table. The seating can also be turned into a variety of footrests and beds, as desired.

A VW executive at the show says they are definitely going to build this concept, but did not commit to a specific timeframe.

vw i.d. buzz concept

vw i.d. concept
VW I.D. Buzz
Photo Credit: Volkswagen/NewspressUSA
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