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I first brought you this story a year ago about this Chef’s car being stolen. Food Channel star Guy Fieri won’t have to just tool around town in an old Chevrolet Camaro when he’s on a break from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Police have finally found his stolen Lamborghini, reports.

The yellow 2008 Lambo Gallardo was last seen on closed-circuit cameras as the thief drove over bridges from San Francisco. It was stolen from a dealer where Fieri had taken it for some work. The future of his beloved car, which TMZ estimates as being worth $200,000, looked pretty dreary.

The break came over the weekend when Marin County, Calif., sheriff’s detectives issued a statement saying they searched a storage locker belonging to 17-year-old wanted as a suspect in a shooting case. Besides finding the motorcycle believed to have been used in the Mill Valley, Calif., shooting, they found the stolen car.

Since no one was hit in the April 13 shooting, the juvenile was charged with attempted murder, along with possession of stolen property, a stolen car and a loaded weapon. Deputies also threw in a resisting arrest charge. He was being held without bail.

Just when Fieri will be reunited with his Lambo wasn’t clear, but at least he knew it is back in safe hands. TMZ says Fieri, in an interview with them, was happy and thanked police and the sheriff’s officials who aided in the recovery.


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