Chevrolet Offers Three Months Free OnStar Family Link

Chevrolet OnStar

If you drive a Chevrolet and there are teen drivers in the family you’d like to keep track of, you’ll like this.

Throughout the month of August, Chevrolet is offering customers three months of free OnStar Family Link. Why? Because this month 362,000 teens turn 16, more than any other month in 2017.

It will also be free for three months to everyone with a 2012 or newer Chevy already using OnStar, but you have to sign up for it at for it to kick in.

OnStar Family Link allows you to know where your teen’s car is, and subsequently them, at all times using GPS. You can even set it up to send you text messages that let know when they arrive and leave locations.

The system combines with OnStar Smart Driver that monitors driving habits and provides score charts for parents for both single trips and monthly averages. The available Teen Driver system further allows you to control and monitor your teens driving. It gives you control over the audio, speed limit, and safety belts. It also provides a report card about distance driven, speeds, and warnings about driving habits.

Once Chevy’s free three months offer is up, it will run you $3.99 a month to continue your subscription.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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