Chevrolet Owners Are Hungry For Data


New data from Chevrolet spells one thing out for us. Chevy owners love in-car technology and they’re eating up data in huge numbers.

The automaker says use of its 4G LTE in-car data connection system jumped by nearly 200 percent last year. For Tahoe and Suburban drivers alone, the percentage jumped 260 percent. Those drivers burned through 713,669 GB of data. That equals about 3 million hours of video or 25 million hours of music streaming.

With the shoot up in these numbers, it is clear that drivers are becoming more and more fluent in a new style of interactive driving.

Chevrolet makes its OnStar 4G LTE connection program standard on all its vehicles. There will still be the extra cost of a service subscription, though, but that makes sense since it works like a phone plan for your car. It’s also interesting because it shows a new way for you to stay connected to your dealership after purchase.

Data usage in cars will continue to go up with the move towards more in-car and between-car communications. These are necessary for all of the new autonomous driving and driver-assist technology.

Already, OnStar allows you to call in and have your car’s GPS programed for wherever you want to go. Even if you don’t know the address. Just ask, “Can you give me directions to the nearest donut shop?” And the real person on the other end of the line will give you both directions and details about nearby donut shops.

Oh and did we mention, the OnStar crew are all super polite and nice people. Trust me. My dad is totally hooked on the program. He likes it so much he asks it to give him directions even when he knows the route. Every time I ride with him (which, in case you were wondering, the back seats of the Equinox are super comfortable) I wish I had OnStar instead of fumbling with my GPS.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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