Chevrolet Volt Zips Past 100,000 Mark in U.S. Sales

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet is celebrating a big milestone when it comes to the Chevy Volt.  It’s sold 100,000 Volts in the U.S. The automaker made the announcement Monday, on the heels of promising to deliver the all-electric Chevy Bolt by the end of the year.

The Volt offers an EPA-estimated 53-mile electric range and gets a combined ‘between fill-ups’ range of 420 miles. 

Chevy says all those Volts on the road make a great environmental impact and save drivers money at the pump.

By the numbers, Volt drivers racked up an estimated 1.5 billion miles in EV mode alone out of a total of 2.5 billion miles, according to Chevy. That amounts to saving 58 million gallons of fuel, hen using an average new car fuel economy of 25.3 mpg. Not that you’d want to swim in that fuel, but Chevy notes it’s enough to fill over 87 competition-size pools.

The Volt underwent major changes that bumped the model into its second generation for 2016. However, it only was offered in a few states. The 2017 model continues where 2016 left off with sales planned across the U.S.

The model carries a twin electric-powered motor. It gets 169-horsepower from the 1.5-liter gas engine. The electric engine uses a 118.4-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack. It can be fully charged up with a plug-in connection. It also partially charges up from the gas engine and braking like a standard non plug-in hybrid.  

The Volt is a pivotal model in expanding Chevy’s electric lineup. The automaker notes it serves as the first in what will become a family of Chevy electric vehicles. The family will welcome the second member in late 2016 with the arrival of the fully electric Bolt EV. Chevy notes it will be the first affordable EV to be offered across all U.S. states.

Jerry the Car Pro reviewed the 2017 Volt recently and you can check out his video test drive below.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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