Camaro Outsells Mustang for First Time in Two Years

It’s not shaping up to be a great fall for the Ford Mustang. Sales dipped 32 percent in September according to a new report in Automotive News. It was outsold by the Chevrolet Camaro for the first time since 2014.

The dip in sales means Ford is idling its Flat Rock, Michigan plant for a spell.  The facility, which makes Mustangs as well as the new Lincoln Continental, will stay idle until October 17. Ford told Automotive News plant workers will be paid during the downtime.

Ford redesigned the Mustang two years ago as the pony car celebrated its 50th anniversary. Chevy meanwhile launched the sixth-generation Camaro in honor of its 50th Birthday this year. (The Camaro just celebrated its 50th on Sept. 29.)

The numbers tell a story of heavy incentives at play in the Camaro’s taking the top spot over the Mustang in September. Chevy tripled Camaro incentives last month to $3,409 per car. Compare that with an average discount of $2,602 on the Ford pony car and you get why more people went with the Camaro.

Overall, the Mustang is still on top so far this year.  Ford’s sold 87,258 Mustangs in the U.S. this year, down 9.3 percent. Chevrolet’s sold 54,535 Camaros, which is off 11 percent.

The bigger picture here is slowing U.S. auto sales across the board. Many analysts don’t believe the auto industry will see the record 17.5 million in sales that it did in 2015. Already, automakers have had to rely on heavy incentives recently to keep the sales machine going. You can read more on the Car Pro’s incentive forecast here. It’s a must-read if a new car is anywhere in your near future and you want to know when you can get the best deals.

Photo Credit: Ford/Chevrolet


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