Chevy Will Ring In The New Year With New TV Spot

Chevy TV spot connectivity

Chevrolet plans to ring in 2016 with a brand new TV spot that will launch Thursday. It will promote the brand’s technology, namely OnStar 4G LTE connectivity, and take a jab at Ford in the process. Basically, Chevy wants drivers to think of its vehicles as mobile offices so that’s what we’ll see depicted in the ad.

The automaker says it’s sold more than 1.4 million vehicles with 4G LTE since June 2014, which it claims is more than the rest of the industry combined.  Chevy says 500,000 of those 1.4 million vehicles were Silverado, Silverado HD and Colorado trucks.

Chevy breaks down the data for us here:

  • Chevrolet owners have consumed more than 1.4 million GB of data since its launch in June 2014. This is equivalent to*:
    • 1.5 million hours of streaming HD video OR
    • 48 million hours of streaming music OR
    • 2.9 billion social media posts with photos
  • In 2015, Chevrolet owners logged more than 5 million interactions with the OnStar RemoteLink app every month on average
    • Chevrolet Volt drivers are most likely to use the app
  • Chevrolet drivers ask for directions through OnStar approximately two million times every month
  • Owners of Chevrolet vehicles are using OnStar an average of 3,000 times every month for Good Samaritan calls.

“The spot illustrates just one aspect of the connectivity Chevrolet offers our owners,” says Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “Based on usage rates for features such as OnStar, 4G LTE, and RemoteLink, Chevrolet’s technologies deliver real-world benefits for our customers – and are a competitive advantage for our brand.”

General Motors has sold 537,552 Silverado pickups through November this year. That’s up 14-percent over last year.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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