2017 COPO Camaro, SS Prototypes Have Us in A Mod Mood

new COPO Camaro advance drag-racing legacy

Get ready for the ready for the dragster strip 2017 COPO Camaro. It’s the latest COPO Camaro that will make a debut at the SEMA show coming up this week. It won’t be alone, either. Chevy is also bringing along a Camaro SS from the Camaro SS Drag Race Development Program. It has some modifications sure to get come Camaro owners blood pumping.

Chevy’s big picture idea here is to develop durable, high-performance parts for the sixth generation muscle car that come from the brand itself.



The Camaro SS Drag Race Development Program was created to develop performance parts for 2016+ Camaro models. 

So both the COPO and SS prototypes start with a beastly 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine, but naturally get some a host of modifications and upgrades from there.

On the eight-speed paddle-shift automatic transmissino SS, Chevrolet swapped the differential for a higher ratio, and added horsepower-boosting components like cam-and-heads-package to push the SS’s LT1 engine to more than 530 horses. Boost that to about 600 horsepower with a power adder. Chevy engineers have made more than 100 passes down the quarter-mile with the development car, including the evaluation of DOT-approved racing and slick tires and a variety of drivetrain combinations. The best performance to date includes: 60-foot time of 1.425 seconds, and a quarter-mile time of 10.685 seconds at 125.73 mph.

To support the greater horsepower, engineers also borrowed some heavy-duty, proven parts from the sixth-generation Camaro ZL1. Those include the half-shafts and prop shaft and the beefier Gen 5 ZL1 and Chevrolet Performance driveline upgrade with a 250mm, 3.73-geared rear-axle center section. The car is also fitted with Chevrolet Performance air induction and exhaust systems, as well as a “small” brake system that features small-diameter brake rotors that fit inside the test car’s 16-inch rear racing wheels and slicks.


chevrolet camaro ssema

Chevrolet’s 2017 COPO Camaro show car – serial number 01 of 69 – offers the first look at the factory-built race car program for 2017.

It features a supercharged 350 engine, custom Weld racing wheels and a unique, “anodized” concept version of the production Hyper Blue Metallic exterior color. Each COPO Camaro race car is built by hand starting with production hardware, including the same body-in-white used for production models.

Serial number 01 will be sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January 2017, with proceeds to benefit United Way.

chevy camaro sema

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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