Chevy’s Super Bowl Fake-Out Panics Fans

“Blackout,” 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

Well Chevy, we can pretty much guarantee no one saw that one coming. On a night filled with emotional themes and celebrities in automakers’ Super Bowl ads, Chevrolet pulled out a trick play just before the kickoff: A momentary attempt to fool America into mass hysteria.

During an aerial view of the University of Phoenix Stadium, the broadcast cuts out. Was it a power outage? Was it a hostile takeover of NBC? After all, the Superdome went dark during the 2013 Super Bowl.

But soon, the ad resumes, asking, “What would you do if your TV went out?”

Then Chevy used the moment of suspense to pitch the 4G LTE Internet connectivity in the new Chevy Colorado pickup that would allow for live streaming of the game.

“When you have a groundbreaking product like the Chevy Colorado, you must deliver groundbreaking advertising like we are today.” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing.

The spot is called “Blackout”.  Take a look here, and yes; they got us with it too!

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Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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