Chrysler Debuts All-Electric Portal Minivan Concept

chrysler portal concept

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week. That means the latest and greatest advanced tech for cars. Chrysler is showing off the Portal concept, which is aimed squarely at millennials. We’re talking a semi-autonomous minivan that ditches the minivan with no steering wheel, b-pillars, or solid roof.

Full spectrum LED lights on the doors essentially talk to the driver using color. They light up when the driver approaches and the car unlocks without a key fob.

The B-pillar gets split. Rather than awkwardly falling between the front and rear seats, it becomes a part of the doors. Both of them open from the middle. So you get a huge five-foot opening.

fca chrysler portal

Inside, the configurable cabin seats up to six people. The seats fold and slide in every way you can think of.  Each seat is also customizable with its own temperature and audio settings. In the front there is a digital panoramic display. You’ll also note there’s no steering wheel. The Portal uses a joystick type controller reminiscent of a luxury jet. It folds away into the dash when in auto-pilot.

The ceiling and floor both ditch solid material. Instead, both use transparent panels. The clear roof has modular pillars cutting across it symmetrically creating sun zones for each passenger. Look down to literally see into the base structure of the car. Pretty cool.

The model targets a 250-mile all-electric range. It uses a 100 kWh flat battery pack beneath the floor for flat access. The charger plugs in the front and offers fast charging of up to 150 miles in under 20 minutes. 

chrysler portal

Fiat Chrysler says it designed the concept with millennials in mind. The whole idea was to build a vehicle that would change and grow with them as they hit early adulthood then start families.  Statistics show within the next 10 years millennials will make up one-third of all drivers.

Photo Credit: FCA
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