Chrysler, Toyota Unveil Crazy Futuristic Concepts

futuristic concept toyota

The future of mobility is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Chrysler and Toyota rolled out some crazy concepts that probably won’t make it to the market as is. But they do showcase some interesting ideas, some of which, will undoubtedly find their way into lineups in the future.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota’s Concept-i steals the show when it comes to the biggest wow factor of the two.

The autonomous gull-wing door coupe isn’t just full of technology on the inside, it’s broadcasting it on the outside. It has headlights that blink and uses projectors to display info like turn signals on the outside of the car. It uses color everywhere. Colored lights in the foot wells indicate whether the vehicle is in automated or manual drive. 

The even bigger idea is that it incorporates built-in artificial intelligence designed to learn from and interact with the driver. The vehicle’s AI is nicknamed “Yui”. Toyota wants drivers to get their info from “Yui” so the concept avoids traditional info dash displays.  But it does come with a next-generation head up display for anyone in the driver’s seat. 

The technology is part of Toyota’s vision to change the way drivers interact with their cars and essentially make them more human. In short, they want us to have a relationship with our car. Toyota says it will evaluate this thing on the road within a couple of years.

Chrysler Portal

Chrysler’s Portal concept is no wallflower either. Designers had some fun with a huge glass roof and removing the B-pillar. Opposing sliding side doors give you more room than you’d ever need to actually get into the vehicle. There is also a lot of lighting everywhere.

The cabin is full of technology with huge digital dash displays. The modern take on a steering wheel is designed to retract into the dash when the car is in autonomous use. It’s semi-autonomous to start and has the capability to become fully autonomous down the road.

One of the Portal’s main themes is customization. The open space interior has configurable seats you can move around and even remove.  Each one has its own temperature and audio settings.

If you’re wondering who this is designed for, it’s millennials. Chrysler even had a few of them help unveil it. Designers wanted to create a vehicle that could change and grow with them as they hit early adulthood then start families.  Statistics show within the next 10 years millennials will make up one-third of all drivers.

Photo Credit: Toyota
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