Classic Car Contest! Win A Free Auto Heatshield

heat shieldWe have had a lot of fun with our classic car contest on the Car Pro Show facebook page. Kevin puts up a classic every Saturday morning, and we invite people to guess the year, make, and model.
We will continue the contest but now there is a prize! Each week, one luck winner will win a free Auto Heatshield! If you have never seen the Auto Heatshield, it is a laser-cut, heavily insulated front windshield cover that gives you an exact fit, no matter what kind of car you drive. Take a look here: I have one for every car I own and they are awesome. Usually, the generic brands let the sun in, they fall down, and they look awful. With Auto Heatshield, you just unroll it, place it in the windshield, and use your sun visors to hold it in place and completely block all the sun.
Here is how the contest works:
-Every Saturday morning around 8 AM Central, Kevin will post a picture of a classic car.
-Go to our facebook page:, and if you have not done so yet, hit the “LIKE” button.
-Post your best guess of year, make, and model.
-Contest will end the following night (Sunday) at midnight Central time.
-All correct, complete entries will be eligible for a random drawing.
-Winner will be posted on Monday morning, and a certificate to get your free Auto Heatshield will be emailed to you.
CONGRATULATIONS to last week’s winner: Cheryl Benck Lund of Austin, TX!
It’s that simple! You can’t win if you don’t play!


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