Classic Chevy Grapevine is #1 In America Again

Classic Chevy logoAgainst what most people would consider insurmountable odds, Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, Texas pulled off the impossible on the final sales day for 2013. For seven straight years, Classic has been the #1 Volume Chevy dealer in the nation. 2013 presented a host of challenges that put the 8th year in jeopardy. With the DFW Connector built right through the dealership property, blocked exits and ever changing detours made even getting to the dealership a nightmare. Despite the construction and repeated shutdowns of the main highways on key sales weekends, the team at Classic Chevrolet never lost focus.

“We knew going into December that we were down by 397 units to a very formidable competitor in New York,” explains Eric Bryant, General Sales Manager for Classic Chevrolet. For most dealerships, outselling your competitor by almost 400 units in one month would be considered unattainable, but the team at Classic is not your typical sales force. Optimism remained high and the focus on the goal remained razor sharp.

Acting as one cohesive unit with nothing but sheer will to fuel them, Classic’s team methodically chipped away at the lead by selling an average of 50 cars a day in the final week of December. With the sales close looming on January 2nd, nothing short of a herculean effort was required to hit the goal. When the bell rang, Classic had sold 140 new Chevys in a single day to finish out 2013. When the final national sales results came out, the margin could not have been slimmer. They needed 398 units to beat Bob Johnson Chevrolet. They did it with 399 sales. One unit to spare.

“We never really thought that it couldn’t be done,” said Bryant. “Anyone that knows this team knows that failure is never an option. We counted on each other, and we just never lost faith. I’ll tell you what, it was quite a close-out.”

At the end of the day, Classic sold 683 new Chevrolets in December for a 2013 calendar total of 4734. The #2 dealership came in at 4732. “We applaud our competitor,” said Bryant. “They gave us a fight, but nothing can stop our team when we set our mind to a goal. Our owner Tom Durant has a very simple mission statement for the organization and that is “to be the best at everything we do.” His leadership inspires each and every one of us, and more importantly, he allows us all to do just that…be the best at everything we do.”


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