Cleveland P.D. Auctions Bentley

BentleyThe featured item at a recent Cleveland Police vehicle auction was a 2005 Bentley GT two-door, which went for $63,000 — the highest amount ever collected at the event.

The winning bid came from a Northeast Ohio man who asked that his name not be used because the car was seized during an on-going drug investigation.

Bidding started at $55,000 and didn’t last long. Only three people called out bids.

Police Sgt. Keith Larson, who ran the auction, said that if the car had not sold, it could have gone into the next auction, in June, or the Bentley could have been dealt online through sites that specialize in government surplus.

It would have been a dandy classified ad: Mint ’05 Bentley coupe. Only 7,842 miles, as the non-smoking drug dealer only drove it to church. No rust. No stains. No bullet holes.

Larson estimated as many as 600 people came out, some to size up the inventory, some to bid, and some out of curiosity about the Bentley.

If they fell into the latter group, they had to wait more than three hours to see what happened because the exotic coupe was the last of 69 vehicles to be offered. Before that, dozens of cars, some light trucks, two all-terrain vehicles and 13 motorcycles — mostly of the motocross variety — were put up.

“These are our opening bands,” Larson said of the more mundane vehicles. “The Bentley is our star attraction.”

The Bentley’s new owner said he was not a collector. What’s the most exotic car he’s owned? “This one,” he said, pointing to the immaculate blue coupe.

He wouldn’t let on what his plans for it were and said he participated, “because it just caught my eye.”

A search of the web indicates that a 2014 model of the Bentley could go for $200,000 or more, but a 2005 could get around $80,000.


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