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colorado and canyonGeneral Motors Co. said its mid-sized pickups will keep the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon names when redesigned models reach showrooms next year, after the automaker considered a change.
Chief Financial Officer Dan Ammann showed a glimpse of the new trucks during a presentation at the 2013 CAR Management Briefing Seminars here. The picture above gives a glimpse of the trucks.
“This is a segment that used to be a very big portion of the overall truck market,” Ammann told reporters before his presentation. “It’s diminished over the years partly because, in our view, there hasn’t been the kind of offering in the segment that customers were really looking for.”
The revamped pickups follow 18 new or refreshed vehicles the biggest U.S. automaker is bringing out this year in its home market. The trucks continue an effort to remake GM’s lineup as among the newest in the industry from one of the oldest.
“The Colorado will be positioned as a sport truck,” Ammann said. “The Canyon will live squarely up to GMC brand promise of professional grade.”
GM North America President Mark Reuss told reporters in April that the automaker was considering new names for the Colorado and Canyon. The company decided against a change because of their brand equity, Ammann said.


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