Concept: SkyDeck Offers Bird’s-Eye View From 30K Up

Bird's-Eye View Airplane Skydeck

Yes, we know this is a site about keeping all four wheels soundly on the ground. But when we came across this crazy idea we couldn’t help but bring it to you in the name of all things transportation.

Check out this airplane concept that has a cockpit on the top of the plane itself.  And it moves.

It’s called the SkyDeck and it’s the brainchild of Windspeed, an aerospace engineering company. It works like the tubes you see the players use in the movie The Hunger Games. You know, when they shoot up from underground into the game world. The big difference though is these have seats in them, and of course, an enclosed top. They rise up out of the plane’s cabin and pop out of the fuselage, giving passengers quite a bird’s-eye view.

Windspeed says it wanted to create the “next exciting experiential in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners and the airline industry” with the concept. The company says it could be used as pay-per-view in-flight entertainment. Other ideas include adding an elevator or a staircase into the design. (Ok, now things are really getting out of hand.)

Obviously there are some things to consider here. Windspeed says the SkyDeck will increase an aircrafts weight, so that means you’d have to reduce the number of passengers or cargo it could carry.  Oh and if you’re worried about getting hit by say a bird or shooting star while you’re up there, the company says don’t be. The SkyDeck will be designed to withstand all load conditions, including flight loads and birdstrike impact loads. That’s thanks to a canopy that’s made of similar high-strength materials as those used to build the canopies of supersonic fighter jets.  It would also get an anti-condensation film coating so it won’t fog up, which would be quite disappointing once you’re up there.

The company says it’s in talks with a major aircraft canopy manufacturer, who will design, build, test and supply the canopies, fully certified and ready-to-install.

Now the big question is, would you pay to take in the view from one?

Skydeck cockpit Windspeed

Photo Credit: Windspeed



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