Consumer Reports: Trunk Escape Levers on some 2013 Lexus Models No Good – Car Pro News

If you find yourself in New Jersey anytime soon and fear you’ll be kidnapped by thugs and thrown in a car trunk, try to talk your kidnappers out of tossing you in the back of a Lexus.
Consumer Reports magazine has found that the emergency interior trunk escape lever on the 2013 Lexus ES and GS may not work. In fact, it can snap off, “potentially leaving a trapped occupant without any way to escape.”
We never hear much about the escape tabs in trunks these days. The last time we remember seeing a guy in a trunk, the movie The Hangover from a couple of years ago, the pull tab didn’t work then, either.
Whoever uses these? They were apparently designed to protect kids horsing around who might lock themselves in trunks, but remember its dark in there. They are supposed to glow in the dark, Consumer Reports notes, but we still think anyone trapped in a trunk would be far more likely to be released by making a ruckus than hunting for the escape lever.
The magazine got this response from Toyota:
“Upon hearing the information from Consumer Reports, we immediately began investigating the durability and ergonomics of the emergency trunk release lever. This is an active investigation and we cannot provide more details at this time,” the company said.
Always leave it to Consumer Reports to bring you the most riveting automotive stories.


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