VIDEO: Coolest Time-Lapse of a Ford Flathead V-8 Rebuild Ever

flathead v-8 engine rebuild

We just ran across the coolest time-lapse ever of a Ford flathead V-8 engine rebuild. So, of course we had to share it with you.

The video shows a team of guys from Hagerty (the company that specializes in classic cars) rebuilding an engine for a 1946 Ford pickup. (They didn’t just rebuild the engine, they also rebuilt the entire 1/2 ton pickup.)

The four-day challenge went down at the 2015 Hershey Swap Meet last fall.

The engine wasn’t original to the truck, which had been sitting behind a barn since 1962.  It was one of the many items the crew had to source from the Swap Meet. At least that was the plan. There were a few engine options at various booths, but they didn’t run. So in the end, they bought one from a show attendee. The crew hustled over to the guy’s house and came back with the running 1935 flathead engine and transmission.

Hagerty documented the engine rebuild with 40,000 photos and turned it into one super cool time-lapse. You can also check out all the details of the epic build here.

Photo Credit: Hagerty/YouTube
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