NM Couple Saved From Car Buried Under 12 Feet of Snow

buried car snow new mexico

Trapped in a car under 12 feet of snow is not a situation you ever want to find yourself in. But it’s what happened to a New Mexico couple this weekend after getting caught in Winter Storm Goliath.

The picture above shows just how dire their situation was. You can barely make out their windshield peeking out from under the thick blanket of white. They sat buried there for 20 hours before rescuers could find them.

According to KRQE News 13, the couple had been out delivering newspapers in and around Clovis when they suddenly found their car covered by 12 feet of drifting and blowing snow.  It happened so fast they had no way out.

Fortunately, they did have a working cell phone. They used it to help guide rescuers to their location as best they could. In complete darkness, rescuers say they couldn’t pin point exactly where the couple was.

“They had put a mark there, a little area in the snow they thought they would recognize. But the wind had blown so bad they had lost track of where it was again. Eventually the bulldozer was overheating and having problems and it gave out on us,” said Bill Kshir with Clovis Public Works.

High winds and darkness weren’t the only problems. Searchers were also worried their bulldozers might actually drive over the car itself since they couldn’t see it.  After hours of searching they were just about to call the search off when at last they glimpsed the windshield. Rescuers punched it out and pulled the couple to safety.

The story is definitely a reminder of how fast wintry conditions cab turn into dangerous life-threatening events.

Always be prepared with an emergency kit and have a charged cell phone on you if you have to travel in winter conditions. It could just be a life saver. Better yet, stay off the roads completely.

Photo Credit: KRQE News 13/Facebook
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