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It’s nice to know that even serial-killing, psychotic mob hit men have exquisite taste when it comes to cars. Take Matthew Fox’s deranged killer Picasso in the new film Alex Cross, which came to theaters last Friday. He cuts off fingers, gives his victims slow, painful death — and he drives a Cadillac CTS-V performance sedan.
Press stills from the movie have a certain high-quality gloss to them reminiscent of aspirational high-end commercials. Never mind that a star from the old ABC series Lost, according to a recent USA TODAY profile, lost 40 pounds for the role, shaved his hair down to the bone and shows off his ample-tattoos. It just might not fit the image that Cadillac has for its drivers.
“I don’t know if they are happy with the guy driving their car,” Fox laughs. “I would be surprised.”
Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and Furious) says the folks at GM, with whom he has a long relationship, saw the movie and loved the portrayal. Cohen was insistent on using GM cars in the movie shot on location in Detroit.
For Fox, he just thought the car worked for his high-class maniac, even if those plush seats are not the least bit soothing on his deranged brain. “I like the choice; it was good,” Fox says. “It was just stealth enough, sexy enough and fast enough. At the same time it didn’t stand out too much. It’s under the radar enough.”
It remains to be seen whether Alex Cross, featuring Tyler Perry in his first dramatic role, will show up on moviegoers’ radar.


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