Ancira Winton Chevrolet

Ancira Winton Chevrolet
6111 Bandera RoadSan AntonioTexas78238

Darrell Dixon
General Manager
(210) 404-4447
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Dealer Ratings

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Nancy Johnston

Had an awesome CarPro VIP experience with Joe Lopez. Although I did not purchase from this dealership they gave excellent service and attention. Thank you!


Jerry and Kevin first of all I enjoy the show. Well I decided to get a new Corvette, which will be my second, my first was a used 1980 that I bought back in 1982. I checked around with two dealers, the first wanted $500 deposit and I was told they would put me in line. The second said they had an allocation coming up and that if I placed a deposit of $1000 down they would order it. Well since I didnt have a problem leaving a deposit I had made up my mind to probably go with the second dealer.
Then I thought well let me try The Car Pro Show? So a few weeks ago on a Friday morning I emailed the Car Pro Show with a few details;
I am looking for a price on a 2014 1LT Corvette - Torch Red - Adrenaline Red Interior and I know I will have to order and wait

About the same time I received my certificate, I received an email from Joe Lopez at Ancira Chevrolet
It read We are taking orders for Corvettes at MSRP plus t,t,&l. I should have an allocation for either a coupe or convertible in the next 2 weeks. Are you looking for a Z51 or just the basic Stingray. My Cell #210-xxx-xxxx is the best way to contact me. Call me so we can discuss your particular option choices
The MSRP plus TTL was what everyone was asking for so I called him and had a very pleasant conversation. He did tell me that if I wanted a bunch of options it would take longer, I gave him my two options Torch Red Exterior and Adrenaline Red for the interior and that was it.
Mr. Lopez then sent an order for me to review. And then he told me it should not be a problem to get one, since they earn a decent allocation on Corvettes.
I then sent the email back that confirmed everything looked perfect. I told him I would like to bring my wife by on Sunday and go over the car one more time with her. And then I asked him how much of a deposit he would need? The following was his answer;
Do not need a deposit, but your word and handshake works for me
My decision was easy, we met on Sunday for about 15 minutes with the wife on details. The only thing she questioned was the adrenaline red interior.
I figured I was going to have to wait several weeks for the allocation. To my surprise Mr. Lopez called me five days later on Friday morning and told me the allocation came through and was placing the order. Joe then followed up with an email with the order number.
On Friday March 21st he sent me an email letting me know my Corvette is set up to get built the week of April 21st.
It doesnt get any easier or better than that.

Thanks, Alton

PS- Remember that 82 vette? I sold it three weeks before I started dating my wife of 29 years.

Manfred Weickert's Wife

I had a world of experiences looking for a suv for my wife. We even went to dealers listed on carpro without a carpro certificate. My wife was ready to quit. I asked her let's go to the carpro dealer. We went. They delivered and most of all my wife is so happy she can not stop talking about it. Right now I just wish I could buy another car with carpro every month. We are talking about a happy wife. Just listen to the Car Pro my friends.

Richard Bernhardt

I recently contacted car pros to get your opinion on which auto you felt would be the best buy, an expedition or Tahoe. You said to go with the Tahoe. We checked out both vehicles and went with your recommendation of the Tahoe. Love the choice and the buying experience was great. The folks at Ancira were great. Thank you again for your expertise.


Hi Jerry, I just wanted to let you
know that I used the Car Pro VIP certificate at Ancira Chevrolet here in San Antonio today. It was a pleasure working with Roy Lopez and Robert
Yarbrough. I feel like I received a very fair deal and left the dealership extremely happy with my 2013 Equinox LS.

Thanks for your show it helped tremendously with my purchase decision.

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