Charles Maund Toyota

Charles Maund Toyota
8400 Research BlvdAustinTexas78767

James Dimeo
General Manager
(512) 265-0381
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Dealer Ratings

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Winston S.

Excellent customer service. A truly exceptional experience.

Karrie McKeown

AMAZING!!! First I am so glad Ive been listening to you for 5 years! THANK YOU! Now let me acknowledge Mr. Shannon Brady.....Incredible! This was the absolute best buying experience I have ever had. Speaking to Shannon two days before I could get there, he knew exactly what I wanted. He knew this because when I called in and left a message, he called me back on his day off! He gave great advice and was straight up no pressure! I will be back..... not for awhile though, because I took your advice and bought a Tacoma!!! Thank you Mr. Car Pro! P.S. Im still gonna listen to your show!!!

John M.

Shannon was GREAT 5 STARS. But the Finance department was extremely slow and inefficient. Though their ad says 'out in 60 minutes' we spent 3 hours there and 2 of those hours were waiting on the Finance department. They have a very poor paperless system. I have purchased many cars from Charles Maund, though years ago, and do not remember ever having this problem with financing.


Shannon gave us his undivided attention, answered all of our questions and gave us all of the information we wanted to know based on the questions we asked he gave us additional information to allow us to make a good solid decision. There was NO rush and there were NO interruptions. He took all of the time required. I will strongly recommend Shannon and Charles Maund Toyota to anyone who is interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle.


Purchased a pre-owned car from Shannon Brady, who did a terrific job of representing the dealership, presenting the car and handling our purchase. I signed up with the Car Pro program and within a few minutes, Shannon called to inquire about my vehicle needs. I set up an appointment to see the car within the hour. When we got there, the car was sitting outside his office. He showed the car, answered our questions and took a test drive. No pressure whatsoever. The car was like new and a great deal. Less than 2 hours from arriving, we were departing with the vehicle. The car was not only washed, but the seats were scrubbed as part of the delivery prep. Overall, the process was a very pleasant, relaxed, no hassle car buying experience. Not only did Shannon do a great job, but everyone we met and dealt with was friendly and courteous.

Pat and Julie M.

Dear Mr. Reynolds, I am writing to share with you what can best be described as the most delightful car purchase my husband and I have experienced! Shannon Brady provided us with truly special care and "no hassle" service. I can also say that the business manager, Major Bursey was exception and attentive as well. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with these fine folks at Charles Maund Toyota, Austin. Sincerely, Pat and Julie M.

Carolyn Thornton

Shannon Brady provided another amazing car buying experience today with my purchase of a 2018 Highlander XLE. He helped my decision explaining the great safety features on the XLE vs. the LE. I am totally sold on Shannon Brady, Charles Maund Toyota and Jerry Reynolds (with his invaluable information and recommendations).

I love my new ride and this wont be my last transaction with Shannon Brady and Charles Maund Toyota.

Dwayne Smith

Excellent and quick buying experience from Shannon Brady. Same treatment as when I carried a friend in a few month ago. She bought a 2018 Camry and could not be happier. I bought a 2018 Tundra Limited TRD Pro and love it as I also loved the quick easy buying experience. Absolutely recommended to anyone.

Rene Grebe

I need to help my granddaughter get out of a lease that she was steamrolled at another dealer. We try to undo it with them unsuccessfully. After receiving the VIP Certificate we met with Mr. Shannon Brady at Charles Maud Toyota and not only he handle the lease return but he was able to offer a used car that was more in line with what our granddaughter could afford. This was my first time to use Car Pro Certified Dealer and the experience was extraordinaire. Kudos to Shannon Brady

Carlette Litterst

A big thank you to Shannon Brady for taking care of us in our purchase of a 4 Runner. We had a great experience.


Hello Folks;

Just wanted to drop a note about my experience at Charles Maund Toyota and the purchase of my 2018 Camry XSE.

My personal rep for the purchase was Shannon Brady and I could NOT be happier with his service to me , from his vast knowledge of the car I selected to setting up all the safety features and even setting my phone for me.. Most of all I want to share how kind and friendly he was to my special needs son David, like they were old long lost buds and I am deeply grateful!!

The 2018 Camry XSE I purchased 4 days ago is MORE than I expected and I am THRILLED with the car..

Last but not least; Brandon Sokol , the maund business manager who took care of me was exceptional in every way including the friendly kind way he took care of David, my baby by answering his questions as well as mine..THAT means everything..:)

The TOTAL time spent from driving onto the dealership property to driving off in my new brilliant blue Camry XSE was: 1hr and 47 minutes = TOTAL, I am THRILLED!!

Needless to say, I will return and look forward to a long auto relationship with the great folks at Maund..

Kind Regards
Cindy H

James Fette

Shannon was fantastic... after receiving my VIP certificate and than an email with a quote from Shannon Brady it was all over but the driving away in my new Toyota Avalon Limited. I ordered it, Shannon came to my house and picked me up and a little paperwork and we were done, Easy Pesy, Best experience I've ever had with buying a new car. Their price was well below the competition. Thanks Jerry & Kevin for the CarPro buying experience. 10 stars to Shannon Brady and the CarProUSA Thanks again, James


I just want to thank you for your Car Pro Dealer program because I just used the system yesterday with Shannon Brady from Charles Maund Toyota in Austin. He and I had talked about Tacomas, my son went by and test drove a few, he picked the one he wanted, I applied over the phone cause I live 2.5 hours away, and then when I showed up yesterday for the first time we got it all done in about 15 minutes. Very smooth, easy, and the best price. I will always use this service. I can't recommend it enough.


Hi Jerry and Kevin! I was in an accident where my 2003 Tacoma was totaled earlier this month. I had

planned on driving it forever and did not want to go car shopping. Finally today I mustered all my

strength and visited Shannon Brady at Charles Maund Toyota. I can not tell you how impressed I am

with Shannon. Immediately after I signed up for a certified dealer on the Car Pro website Shannon sent

me an email. He was great at giving me details of exactly what I was searching for. His email with details

really sold me. When I showed up to the dealership, unannounced, he immediately helped me. He even

had a Tacoma similar to what I described to him in my email. I ended up buying it. I was so

impressed at his attention to detail. On top of all that he is a very cool guy! Then came the finance

portion with Brendan Madsen and he too was cool! I really enjoyed talking with him and I was sold on the

the bumper to bumper warranty by the way he explained it. They really treated me like a Car Pro member.

Shannon even had your card board life size cut out in front of his office. Again, thank you for offering this

service. On a scale of one to ten I rate today's experience with Shannon and Brendan a TEN!"

Charles Bruce

2016 or 2017 Corolla

Flossie Y.

I bought my first Camry in 2009 from Charles Maund, before I even knew there was such a thing as the Car Pro Show. As a new widow, this was a purchase I was particularly nervous about. From the moment I walked in, I was hooked. They treated me like a queen. Fast forward to 9/27/14, when I wanted a replacement. I naturally went to Charles Maund, certificate in hand, and left with a 2014.5 Camry. I wish I had the words & space to express my appreciation for this dealer. Perhaps my treatment was even better because of your referral, but it's hard to see how. They appreciate every one of their customers, & I look forward to doing more business with them in the future. A special "Hats Off!" to Shannon Brady, a real gentleman. Thank you, Jerry, for supporting dealers and sales reps like this.

Jim Pollock

My purchase from Charles Maund Toyota was the best car buying experience I've had. All the folks there are very friendly. My salesman, Shannon Brady, did an exceptional job of finding the right vehicle for me at the right price and helping me through the process. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Shannon and Charles Maund Toyota and will definitely contact him for my next purchase. Thank you, Car Pro for your informative and entertaining show and especially for the recommendation.

John and Lynne

Last Saturday we purchased a new 2013 Avalon getting almost full Blue Book for trade in along with great savings on the new car. Shannon Brady was courteous, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Entire staff friendly too! Thank you!
John and Lynne
Pflugerville, TX


I bought a truck from Shannon Brady at Charles Maund Toyota. He made the process really easy, found me exactly the truck I wanted, and gave me a fair price without having to go through the hassles I've experienced with other dealers. He even caught a few details that were overlooked on the new truck coming in and took care of them before I even knew about them.

Getting the Car Pro Deal helps you cut to the chase and get into your new vehicle quicker! Thanks Jerry!

Carolyn T.

Jerry, I had the pleasure of purchasing my new Toyota Highland from Shannon Brody at Charles Maund Toyota on Memorial Day. It has been 7 years since my last purchase and in my 38 years of owning and driving cars, this was by far one of the best experiences ever. I want to give a shout out to J.T. Carter (finance manager) as he made that process so efficient that I was in and out in 10 minutes with many laughs in between.

Thank you for the wonderful recommendation as I am one happy driver now!!!

Carolyn T.

Charlie and Julie Diggs

Charlie's been researching the Tacoma since summer, and we are so glad you told us about Shannon Brady at Charles Maund Toyota here in Austin! We finally went out to visit last Saturday, and we came home with a beautiful new 2013 Tacoma! Shannon is so popular there was a waiting line so we dealt with Tony Falsetti who was just great. We paid a fair price and were impressed by how smooth the entire transaction was, from browsing the inventory to signing the sales contract. Now we're looking forward to dealing with the service department, and we bet that they're just as good as Sales! Shannon and Tony took good care of us, and we want to thank them and you for a WOW! car buying experience! Happy new year!

Chip C

We took delivery on a new Highlander from Charles Maund Toyota in Austin. Shannon took great care of us and made the car buying experience easy. The Car Pro pricing was a big help!

Thanks again,
Chip C

Howard Hawkins

Jerry I wanted to report back to you that I did contact Shannon Brady of Charles Maund Toyota here in Austin and I was very pleased with the way he handled my inquiry. After a few email exchanges regarding the Toyota Tundra I was looking for and also having contacted Round Rock Toyota, Champion Toyota and North Park Toyota (in San Antonio), Shannon seemed to be the most sincere of all in meeting my needs and so I dropped by Charles Maund, unannounced, on 11/17, basically to introduce myself to Shannon, let him put a face to an email and also let him know that if he could get the vehicle he proposed and the pricing was right, we would do business.

The following Monday, he called, indicated he found a 2012 Platinum Edition Toyota Tundra in the color I wanted and gave me what I would call a serious, no BS price that included not only the Car Pro pricing but the latest Toyota incentives as well as a USAA incentive (since I am a USAA member). I was already approved for financing and he added they would see if they could improve on it as well. We agreed over the phone and by Wednesday, he had acquired the truck and we completed the transaction yesterday, Black Friday.

Jerry, I could not be more pleased with the way this transaction was handled and the way Shannon accommodated us. Yesterday, we walked into the dealership and we were out of there in less than 2 hours with keys in hand and that included taking time to drive the truck and Shannons time explaining the trucks features before we drove off. We were also extremely pleased with their finance manager (JT) who was able to counter my pre-approved financing with a lower rate and subsequently countered with an even better rate when my bank countered his quote.

This has been the best auto purchase I have ever made. Thank you for the knowledge you and Kevin impart to your listeners via the show and the newsletter and a special thank you for putting me in touch with Shannon Brady of Charles Maund Toyota. He was true to your word, the best price right off the bat with no games.
Howard Hawkins

Daniel Lopez

Jerry and The Car Pro Show:

This email is long over-due but I wanted to let you know that I decided on a 2012 Toyota Camry SE with Navigation. Thanks Jerry, for your opinion because it really helped me out! I also want to commend Shannon Brady at Charles Maund Toyota here in Austin on the exceptional and outstanding customer service! What an experience!

Shannon was never pushy. I went in to test drive a Camry I had seen on their website and he was very accommodating and answered all my questions thoroughly. He was understanding when I told him I needed some time to think about it and not once did he give any sales pressure. When I decided to purchase a few days later, there were no sales gimmicks and he worked with me on my trade-in (2010 Acura TSX). He was very honest and open from the beginning and that's something not seen too often.

I'm really enjoying the Camry! It's great to drive, really good on gas mileage and there's a lot of room, even in the back seat! I am really happy with this car!

I am very, very pleased with the new car buying experience this time around! I have never had a new car buying experience like this and this is the 5th new vehicle that I have purchased! Truly, the Car Pro Show Approved Dealerships are the way to go!

I also want to mention the other Austin area Car Pro Show Approved Dealerships that I visited, which all had great customer service and no sales pressure at all:

*Howdy Honda for the two times I went in and test drove the 2012 Civic then the 2012 CR-V,

*Leif Johnson Ford when I stopped by to look at the 2012 Fusion and test drive, and

*Round Rock Hyundai for the multiple times I went in for the 2012 models: Elantra, Sonata, then the Tucson and Santa Fe. I have to specifically mention the GM, Mike Williams (I think I have his name correct), who helped me the first time I went since all his sales staff were busy. He showed me the Elantra and answered questions until one of the sales staff became available. I was very impressed with this since I have never seen a GM helping a customer. If I had not bought the Camry, I would've chosen a Hyundai at Round Rock Hyundai.

Again, this was a wonderful shopping and buying experience! Even though I have purchased the vehicle, I still enjoy listening to the show. I am telling friends about the show and about my experiences. Thank you all for your time and the great job you do helping consumers with the car buying experience!

Daniel Lopez
Austin, TX

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