Classic GMC Arlington

Classic GMC Arlington
1400 East I-20ArlingtonTexas76018

Chris Sinku
General Sales Manager
(817) 349-6671
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Richard Clark

Good morning Jerry,
I purchased a used vehicle from Classic GMC/Buick back on MLK Day. It has taken me this long to share my experience as I've had to think long and hard on this one. I pretty much understand how the used car market works. It is pretty much a crap shoot, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. And at this moment, I am still not sure which one I fall under. The car is an 08 VW R32, and I bought it because I love owning vehicles that are unique, hard to find, rarely seen. Had a 97 BMW 840i for many years, just sold an 87 Porsche 944 Turbo. Anyway, I was actually in the market for a GTI to replace my daily driver which is an 06 Saab 9-3 Sportcombi (rare again) when I ran across this R32. Talking to Lance in the used car area, he gave me the spiel about the multi point inspection (he quoted how many points, but I can't remember it now) the cars go through, and if there is a problem, it is fixed before it is sold. I asked to see this checklist, so I would know what was checked, and repaired, which I am told there isn't a written checklist per se, but they go over the entire car.
Now hear is my issue, during the test drive, by the time I got out on the road, I could tell the car needed brake work, I stated this and was pretty much ignored. I will admit a part of me wanted to walk away because I was not getting warm fuzzies about this dealership, but sometimes unfortunately I let things when I want something, so I took the chance and bought the car. They gave me a clean car fax, but after getting the car home, you know how you start wiping the car, want to put a wax job on it, etc. This is when I noticed the passenger side paint is a different pigment and texture. Further looking, it's really evident the car has been in some type of collision in it's past and the repair was haphazardly done. Again, I understand used vehicles are a different breed, and one needs to be in the right light to notice the flaws in the metal, but if a novice like me spotted this, how did they not? I will eventually do and AutoCheck on it to see if it shows an accident report, but now I have doubts about the multi point inspection promise. And I'll take a little responsibility because I didn't run AutoCheck first, and I guess my guard was down because this dealer is on your list of dealer. By the way, the car needs rotors and pads all 4 corners. I was even promised I would be given what was done/replaced, but nothing was ever produced. So I took it to a shop and had all the fluids checked, they all looked clean except brake fluid had 7% moisture, so had that replaced. My bottom line is I can not say my experience was overly pleasing. It was the typical "I shouldn't have trusted what this guy is telling me) used car dealer feeling I've always gotten. I just got rid of a car that didn't have an AutoCheck hit, but later found it did in CARFAX, and I think I did it to myself again with this one. I'll learn...
I would love to say my experience was great, but I just can't. I am sure the new car dealer experience is a different animal, but I haven't bought new since 1985. My mindset is, there are just too many good used vehicles out there. I've been bitten a few times, but that is the price of buying used. I'm hoping this doesn't end up another negative purchase again.

Thanks for all the efforts to help better the car buying experience
Rich Clark

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